Making Friday good

Guten Tag!

I’m in Germany at the moment, so unfortunately there won’t be a blog post on Monday, but there is a little one now, so I hope that eases the heartache.

Those of you who knew me as a child may remember my penchant for mayonnaise and sugar sandwiches (separate at least), and most of you will now be questioning my taste. I gladly inform you that my palette has improved. A little bit at least.

I present to you my most recent ‘digusting-but-really-works’ brainchild. The bacon hot cross bun Easter brunch. Yes. You heard.


You will need

Smoked bacon (at least two rashers per person)

Hot cross buns (one each)

Maple syrup (lashings of)

Step one

Cook bacon.

Step two

Put bacon in buns.

Step three

Cover in maple syrup.

Step four