Stack ’em high!

If your country doesn’t stock Mars bars then I am truly sorry…for these are delicious, and you will probably never experience the joy of tasting one. If you live in the UK then get down to your local newsagent, there’s no time to be wasting.

A little disclaimer before I begin: the combination of the fact that a) I was making these for a charity bake sale and b) I couldn’t find a regular 4 pack of Mars bars means that the recipe below is rather substantial. Divide in half or into thirds if you are baking these for home and don’t fancy obesity as a life choice (you won’t be able to stop eating them).


You will need

6 Mars bars

3 tbsp Golden syrup

250g Unsalted butter

9 cups of Rice crispies

(this is basically a whole box – I used the cheap Tesco knock off kind, no need to break the bank)

400g Milk chocolate

An appointment with your GP to test your blood sugar levels.

Makes 24 (at least)


Step one

Chop up the Mars bar.

Oh go on then, there’s at least one piece going spare…


Step two

Put Mars, butter, and golden syrup in a pan on a medium heat to melt.

Those fluffy bits in the middle of the Mars bars take what feels like forever to melt, but they do get there, just keep stirring, and maybe stick a bit of Dragon’s Den on or something.


Step three

Put most of the rice puffs in a big bowl. I always hold a few cups back to add later, as this isn’t an exact Science so you won’t always need them all.

Pour the melted mixture over the puffs. You probably deserve another little taste at this point.


Step four

Stir together until rice crispies are evenly covered. It’s up to you whether to add the rest that you kept to one side or not, I added the whole lot to mine.


Step five

Line a couple of tray bake tins with foil and distribute your mixture accordingly. Again, it’s up to you how deep/shallow you want your crispy cakes to be, so choose your tins with that in mind.


Step six

Squash the mixture down with the back of a spoon until it fills the various crevices (or with your hands when you get tired of doing it the PC way – wash them first though, there are some standards to be upheld).

Make sure the mixture is squashed down firmly or it will all fall apart later. Literally.


Step seven

Melt the milk chocolate and cover the top of the crispy cakes evenly. Again this will sort of depend on what tin you use and what consistency you want as to how much you need, as you want enough to cover it all. If you chose a shallower tin then you’ll need a bit more chocolate and so on.


Step eight

Cut the crispy cakes into slices now before it all sets up, it’s just all a bit easier that way.


Step nine


Happy Monday all.


  1. Louise says:

    I’ve made these twice now. They never last very long in my house as they are so delicious. Definately not good on the waistline though. Very easy to make. Ideal for the kids to help out with.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Jen,

      I’ll be honest, they’ve never lasted long enough to go into the freezer, but they are pretty robust I can’t see any reason why freezing them wouldn’t work, let me know how it goes if you do!

      Katie 🙂

      • carolyn says:

        Im gonna make these synthesis weekend. Can you use salted butter instead of non-salted?

        • Katie says:

          Hi Carolyn,

          Yes, you can, you’d get more of a salted caramel type flavour. Let me know how it goes 🙂


  2. Kay wood says:

    Hi Thare
    Just about to embark on these yummy looking tray bakes. What sdo zen mars bars do you use I.e weight, seems to be a lot of different sizes in supermarket. Many Thanks

    • Katie says:

      Hi Kay,

      Sorry just spotted this! The ones I bought were in multipacks of 3, but that’s the beauty of this recipe – if you have a little too much you can add more rice krispies and vice versa!

      Hope you enjoyed them!

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